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On a mission to change education.

Author and educator Alexs Pate launched Innocent Classroom in 2012 with a vision to rebuild teacher-student relationships in school districts with some of the country’s widest gaps in achievement. Since that time, more than 2300 educators in 170 schools and programs have participated in Constructing the Innocent Classroom workshops.

Our teacher-by-teacher, school-by-school approach shows promising results where other efforts have failed.

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At work in more than 170 schools and programs.

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Over 2300 teachers practicing our strategies.

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Jess Annabelle

Director, Programs and Operations

Adebisi A. Wilson

Director, Innocent Community Development

Joseph Leadley

Assistant Director, Research, Evaluation, and Technology

Julian Condie

Assistant Director, Programs

Fallon Gleason

Administrative Assistant

Samantha Saltzman

Program Assistant

David Mura


Rob Johnson



Our partners share our commitment to transforming the American education system. We work with school districts, individual school partners, and other organizations to build strong, positive, impactful connections between educators and students of color.

  • — Minneapolis Public Schools
  • — Northside Achievement Zone, Minneapolis
  • — St Paul Public Schools
  • — St Paul Promise Neighborhood
  • — Omaha Public Schools
  • — Washoe County School District, Nevada
  • — Richfield Public Schools, Minnesota
  • — Mounds View Public Schools, Minnesota
  • — Minnesota Reading Corps
  • — Equity Alliance MN
  • — Friendship Academy of the Arts, Minneapolis
  • — Minnesota Humanities Center
  • — St Paul Conservatory For Performing Artists
  • — HOPE Community Academy, Minnesota
  • — Friends of Education, Minnesota