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A new operating system for the classroom.

Constructing the Innocent Classroom is a professional development experience for educators. Our intensive, six-session workshop changes how teachers think about and engage their students, especially students of color. Through conversations and real-world examples, we deliver context and practical strategies for building relationships with every child.

After completing Constructing the Innocent Classroom, educators can support and deepen their practice in our follow-up programs, The Innocent Classroom: Labs and The Innocent Classroom: In Practice.

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It brought me back to why I’m here...I’m here for the kids...building your relationships with your students — they’re the number one thing.

Innocent Classroom Participant,
Omaha Public Schools

What Makes Our Workshops Work


Focus on Relationships

We invest in the most important link in education: teacher to student. Educators learn to make closer connections, develop greater empathy and create an environment where academic success can flourish for all children.


A Teacher-driven Solution

Educators hold the key to student success. Instead of a top-down approach, our training unites colleagues on the front lines to collaboratively change student performance and school culture classroom by classroom.


Understanding Motivations

Training begins with the concept that at the heart of all actions is good, “the thing for which all other things are done.” We prepare teachers to see through behavior to each student’s deeper motivation — and respond to that.


A Forum for Progress

Innocent Classroom workshops are a safe, productive environment for educators to dig into the challenges they face, ask honest questions, and adopt new perspectives for dealing with difficult issues.


With You All the Way

We engage directly with teachers and school leadership to help the community make progress as a whole. When the training is over, we offer ongoing support and stay connected to make sure our solution sticks.

The Innocent Classroom

Constructing the Innocent Classroom

Through conversations and real-world examples, we deliver context and practical strategies for building relationships with every child. Stronger relationships between educators and students result in increased academic success.


Using a series of narrative exercises, teachers practice identifying the motivation behind student behavior (their “good”) and prescribing interventions that leverage their relationship and knowledge about that child. These sessions deepen teachers’ understanding and engagement on key concepts and explore how individual teachers are activating these principles in their classrooms.

In Practice

In Practice sessions help teachers design narratives and environments that reinforce their effort to nurture the good of their students. Educators engage with literary texts and new research and receive expanded guidance to “design innocence” into their classroom environment. In addition, we introduce techniques for protecting innocence during testing periods.