Innocent Classroom for Early Childhood Educators


Every child and every family deserve to feel innocent –

to be free of the negative influence of stereotypes and stereotyped expectations –

during the time they are with you and in your early childhood center.

Constructing the Innocent Classroom for Early Childhood Educators is a child and family-specific response to diverse early childhood settings. In this 4-part workshop series, participants learn and develop practical strategies for working collaboratively with all the children and families in their center


Through four two-hour workshop sessions, participants:

Develop practical strategies for working collaboratively with the children and families you serve

Acquire knowledge and skills to promote the social and emotional development of children and improve relationships with families

These enhanced relationships

Set a high standard for educator-child relationships over the course of the child’s academic future

Undermine implicit racial bias by creating educational spaces free from society’s negative stereotypes and narratives

Foster each child’s connection to their natural desire to learn

Improve engagement and interactions with families and caregivers

Decrease disciplinary issues and end disciplinary disparities

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Innocent Childcare workshops fulfill Minnesota’s Knowledge and Content Framework (KCF): I, IIc, IIe, III,

and Child Development Associate (CDA) Subject Areas: 2,3,4,8.

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This approach is so powerful because it doesn’t make you feel like “oh my gosh, did someone really say that.” This approach can help with the healing process. It is time to heal, the only way to heal is to have these conversations.

-Innocent Childcare Participant