School and District Partnerships

Through professional development workshops for all staff and coaching and training for school and district leadership we help schools and districts dismantle racial bias and construct spaces defined by the curiosity, vibrancy, and engagement of all children.

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Professional Development for Classroom Educators

We offer intensive, multi-session professional development for all staff. Workshop sessions train educators to develop the skills and practice necessary to build relationships with every single child, particularly Black, brown, and indigenous children, in their classroom.

These relationships, based in a child’s Innocence and individuality, give each child the greatest opportunity to reach their unlimited potential and to perform at the highest levels in our classrooms.

Our foundational workshop series, Constructing the Innocent Classroom, emphasizes real-world examples and hands-on activities. It provides immediately applicable skills and knowledge for building relationships with each and every child, especially Black, brown, and indigenous children.


Coaching and Training For School and District Leaders

These services introduce Innocent Classroom’s Patterns of Transformation which guide and support implementation of Innocent Classroom in classrooms and schools. The Patterns include the Patterns of Thinking, Practice, Collaboration, Leadership and Application.

The patterns exist in all school and district communities. They function in both formal and informal ways.  These patterns, if unaddressed, undermine our efforts to dismantle racial bias in our system.

At Innocent Classroom we partner with leaders to transform these patterns to center each child’s innocence and individuality.  We partner to intentionally transform these patterns into ones that replace systemic racism with systemic innocence, patterns free of implicit or explicit racial bias.

Multi-Year Innocent Classroom Partnerships

We encourage sustained strategic partnerships to fully dismantle racial bias, transform patterns, and establish new norms that foster each child’s innocence and individuality.

In Year One our priority is to build each educator’s skills in the use and application of our relationship building methodology. We focus on the patterns of thinking and practice while introducing the patterns of collaboration, leadership, and application.

At the conclusion of this first year, educators can independently practice and apply their skills, knowledge, and learning in their classrooms and the spaces and relationships they control.

Year Two: Collaborating and Leading for Innocence

Focusing on the Patterns of Collaboration and Leadership, services in year two prioritize the use of Innocent Classroom skills, knowledge, and practice wherever educators come together to plan and advocate for children.

This can mean supporting the practice as part of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs); Special Education Assessments;  or among grade level and subject matter teams.

After the second year, educators have transitioned from a “I Can” do the Innocent Classroom to a “We Can” do the Innocent Classroom application of the work. Innocence becomes a core part of school’s identity and the relationships in the school.

Year Three: Committing to Innocence

Focusing on the Patterns of Leadership and Application, services in year three infuse the Innocent Classroom into the policies, procedures, and practices of a school or district.

We expand our understanding of relationships understanding that how children relate to the curriculum, disciplinary policies, state testing, or other policies, can either work in favor of Innocence or against it.

At the conclusion of this year, schools have fully transformed themselves replacing racial bias with a system that supports the Innocence and individuality of all children. Educators have adopted a “We Are” belief to the Innocent Classroom.


Sustaining Innocence: The Innocent Classroom Community

Throughout our partnership, classroom educators and leaders have access to the Innocent Classroom community. The community offers opportunities for Innocent Classroom practitioners to sustain, refresh, and improve their practice.  We offer monthly events, regional conferences and an annual national conference.

This community inspires educators to sustain and innovate their approach. A consistent infusion of ideas from peers bolsters each educator’s ongoing practice.