Constructing for Schools and Districts

Constructing the Innocent Classroom includes a series of services that help administrators, principals and teachers implement the Innocent Classroom as part of their daily practice.

Through a foundational workshop series for all staff and coaching and training services for building and district leadership we help schools and districts construct spaces defined by the curiosity, vibrancy, and engagement of all children.

Districts who implement Innocent Classroom report increased levels of student academic engagement, dramatic reductions in disciplinary referrals, and improved teacher job satisfaction.

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Constructing: Services and Supports

The Innocent Classroom is delivered through these services: 1) Planning, training and coaching with district and building leadership; 2) workshops and training for educators; 3) practice support for leaders and educators; and 4) research and evaluation

Planning and Coaching with Leadership

This service 1) Prepares school leadership to support Innocent Classroom practices in individual classrooms and throughout the school 2) Integrates these practices in the performance of their professional responsibilities and 3) Assesses the impact of Innocent Classroom practices in the district.
As part of this service, building leaders engage in kickoff and reflection sessions. In the kickoff session building leaders gather to plan, set goals, and finalize training plan and focus of evaluation. Reflection sessions continue over the course of the school year.

Workshops and Training for Educators

Constructing the Innocent Classroom includes an intensive, multi-session workshop series for all staff. This foundational workshop series introduces and trains participants on Innocent Classroom’s anti-racist relationship building methodology. Through real-world examples and hands-on action these workshops provide context and practical strategies.

Concurrent with each school’s workshops, teachers and building leadership receive support and communication to guide practice between sessions.

Research and Evaluation

Multiple-method evaluation will measure the impact of Innocent Classroom on 1) student academic performance and persistence of the achievement gap 2) disciplinary issues (office referrals, suspensions, and expulsions) and 3) school climate and culture.

The Innocent Classroom Community

Once our partnership is underway, school leaders and educators have access to support from the nationwide network of Innocent Classroom educators. This community inspires educators to sustain and innovate their new approach. A consistent infusion of ideas from peers bolsters each educator’s ongoing practice.

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