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Dismantling Racial Bias So Every Child Can Succeed

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About Us

Alexs Pate created the Innocent Classroom to eliminate racial bias in our schools. Our child-specific-relationship-based approach dismantles bias. Relationships that center each child’s Innocence create classrooms in which every child and teacher believe they can be successful.

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What We Do

We partner with schools, districts and individuals to transform their classrooms and schools into places free from stereotyped expectations. Through professional development, coaching, and consulting we help our partners construct schools in which every child can achieve.

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More than 14,000 Educators for Innocence report improvements in teacher-child relationships, increases in academic growth and positive social engagement. Innocent Classroom Schools are defined by steep reductions in disciplinary incidents and improved school climate and culture.

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On December 3, 2022 educators from across the US will gather to envision and build classrooms that prioritize Innocence. Alexs Pate, ASCD Author and Creator of the Innocent Classroom, will keynote. Breakout sessions will emphasize applying the Innocent Classroom practice and growing connections in the Innocent Classroom community.

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Gather with the Innocent Classroom Community around important and energizing topics throughout the school year. Build connections with other community members, increase your knowledge of how Innocent relationships dismantle racial bias, and learn new strategies for applying Innocence in your classroom, school, or district.

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Prioritizing Humanity: Addressing Hidden Barries to Student Success

On October 12 at 4:30 pm CDT join our national network of Educators for Innocence as we engage a powerful panel of featured educators about their approaches to ensuring our children can thrive in our schools. Leave with new connections, actionable strategies, and the support of a community.

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Innocent Classroom News

2022-2023 Innocent Classroom Events

We are excited to announce a series of events during the 2022-23 school year that will help educators across the US deepen their understanding of how prioritizing Innocence dismantles racial bias in our classrooms and schools.

Each event will feature Educators for Innocence who can speak to the real world applications of the Innocent Classroom practice.




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Our education system fails millions of our children. Poor grades and low graduation rates are accepted as the norm – with lasting consequences for students’ education and our social fabric.


We have not prepared teachers to teach all our children. The gap between educators’ lived experience and the students they teach grows every day, fueling the negative stereotypes that undermine achievement.


Our children are not who the world says they are. Regardless of virulent negative stereotypes, every student is innocent or has the potential to reclaim his or her innocence. Every child is worthy of the investment of passionate educators.

Our Impact
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As more teachers take up the challenge, it changes the school: vocabulary shifts, practices evolve, and the culture rallies around students who are most wounded. Schools make progress as a community — classroom by classroom, year after year.

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Students… expect to be seen as disruptive, angry, argumentative, defiant, and unmotivated. But if someone hears them, respects them, cares about them, and tries to see their good, they change. They become approachable. They want to listen and learn.

Innocent Classroom Participant,
Minneapolis Public Schools

Proven to narrow the achievement gap.

Innocent Classroom is having a significant impact in districts with some of the country’s deepest divides. Our approach to building relationships improves student performance and teacher practice where other programs fall short.

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