What are your big dreams?


We can help you accomplish them.

Innocent Technologies partners with organizations to accomplish their goals through a methodology for centering the human experiences we all need to authentically participate and succeed.

Partnerships vary in scope – from addressing one urgent challenge to sustained cultural transformation – and are delivered through professional  coaching, consulting, and learning.

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What Makes Innocent Technologies Different?

Focus on Human Connections

We invest in the most important link in human collaboration: authentic connectedness. With Innocent Technologies, professionals learn about each other differently, develop greater empathy, and create an environment where success can flourish for everyone.

A Person-driven Solution

Instead of a top-down approach, our partnership unites colleagues through progressive action to collaboratively transform the relationships people have to your organization’s goals, and the experiences and outcomes that follow.

Deliberate Growth

Partnership begins with mapping toward your dreams, your goals, your outcomes – and through your challenges. We chart a path to grow together intentionally from there until we reach your goals together.

A Forum for Progress

Our partnerships build a human, productive environment for professionals to dig into the challenges they face, ask honest questions, and adopt new perspectives for dealing with complex challenges.

With You All the Way

We engage directly with all constituents to help your community make progress as a whole. When the formal partnership is over, we offer ongoing support and stay connected to make sure our solution sticks.

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